Attorney Profile


I have been an attorney in Pennsylvania for over 29 years. I practice primarily in the area of Criminal defense, Juvenile defense, I represent many restaurants and construction businesses as well. Finally, I assist parents in Custody and Family Law. I am a father of three fantastic daughters. One is in Law School at Drexel having graduated in 2015 from Temple University, one attending West Chester University and one in 10th grade. My dad was a truck driver and my mother was a secretary and personnel director. I founded a not-for-profit youth basketball program in late 2007 and have been coaching basketball at all levels for the past 13 years. After 9 years as a court appointed Guardian ad litem for children taken into foster care, I was asked to and did agree to represent all the parents whose children are found dependent or are the subject to dependency proceedings. I represent most of the juveniles of this county when they are charged with delinquent acts pursuant to a part time employment agreement with the County of Monroe. While many of the children and families have some tragic or heartbreaking circumstances at the time I meet them, many of those children have attained great results, received services and gone on to great things in their later teen years and young adult lives. I am pleased to assist many parents in reunification with their children and the termination of dependency proceedings. In my private practice, I am able to give my clients whether criminal defendants, business or family law litigants, personal attention. I believe that nothing worthwhile is accomplished without enthusiasm. I believe that patience is a rare quality these days and that when people realize that time takes time and that they have little or no control over the thoughts and actions of others, they begin to prevail in their legal matters and in life. Try to live by the Two sets of three: Don’t Lie, Don’t Cheat, Don’t Steal, Never Whine, Never Complain and Never Make Excuses.


Consultation Fee

A fee of $75.00 is due for the initial consultation, but if the services of the attorney are retained, the fee will be credited.